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We Love Fashion, Oh Yes We Do

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Freaking Out! [Sep08'2006 10:33AM]

Could anyone please tell me of any web-sites that are posting video of the shows this week. I am on the Olympus web-site and NOTHING! I am in a panic! I seriously stocked up on danishes and have nothing to enjoy them with...

Thank you, lovies!

[Sep07'2006 10:14AM]


FASHION ICON. [Sep03'2006 07:52PM]

Late is better than never, no?

Gisele's an under-appreciate style inspiration. Not necessarily "icon" status, but I love the way she keeps it simple. Here, she's on her way to a friend's house in a comfy cami & cardi combo, this season's trendy jeans, and the ever-classic canvas chucks. Avs and a leather shoulder bag complete the look. 
The slightly unkempt, rolled-out-of-bed look works great for Gisele. She's a girl after my own heart :)

Hello! [Aug21'2006 11:45PM]

Did you guys know that Vogue has recently jumped on the podcasting train? Oh yes. I just found out tonight.


There are currently four episodes. I only have the latest one, so I was wondering, if any of you happen to have the first three, would you mind sending them my way? Thanks a bunch. :o)


This Week in Fashion [Aug03'2006 06:44PM]

Here's the first post of weekly updates on fashion news and sales!

  • Kate Moss was #1 on Vanity Fair's best dressed list, with more votes than any other woman that has appeared on their list in 60 something years.
  • Luca Missoni's (Missoni Sport menswear designer) photo exhibit opened August 2 at the Leonard Street Gallery.
  • The Cartier Polo was attended by a boatload of fashionable guys and gals (no seriously, the clothes were amazing).
  • American Apparel now has a 15% discount on all of it's clothing for students. Of course, it's only available until September 30.
  • Speaking of discounts, you can get Missoni scarves for a fraction of the price at My Wardrobe.com.
  • Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has been canceled after 3 seasons due to over-exposure (atleast that's what the cast is saying).

[Aug01'2006 11:13PM]

So, I've decided to get the ball rolling in this community!
I think that having a weekly theme will be fun! I hope it works. This week's theme is:
Fashion Icons

Who is your fashion icon? Who do you look up to? Who's style do you emulate? That sort of thing. Make a post. HAVE FUN!

We Love Fashion Needs a We [May27'2006 09:22PM]

Just so you know the info page was changed a little (the rules haven't changed too dramatically so you don't have to check it) AND I want to get people to actually write in here so I am currently thinking up ideas. Here are a few that I have:

  • A scavenger hunt thing
    A category gets chosen and everyone can find things in that category (ex. the best pair of jeans) and then everyone votes on the best submission
  • A discussion
    A trend gets chosen (it doesn't have to be a trend, it can be something like whether or not actors should become designers) and then people discuss it. There would be a new one chosen each week

Okay, I kind of am crap at getting ideas so comment with your own! Please?

buy stuff! [Feb11'2006 02:34PM]

If this kind of post is not allowed, just let me know and I'll take it down...

My items are now for sale on photobucket! Yay for being broke and selling your clothes to make a profit!

Click here!

If you're interested in anything, comment me with the picture of the item(s) to let me know which one(s) you want. I'll comment back to let you know if it's been purchased yet, and then you can pay for it here:

Get this stuff out of my house!

Click here

[Jan18'2006 06:49PM]

Despite all my hatred towards copying Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and whatnot I went out and bought a vest at Forever 21. I have to say, I really do love it. It's loads of fun and I can't wait to wear it out.
Anyways, I was just wondering what trends you guys could not stand at first but then broke down and got into?
Here's the vest:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

[Oct25'2005 07:19PM]

I was wondering if any one knew a good place to get some real looking, long glass pearls? My friend bought a really nice strand from Urban Outfitters but I haven't been able to find them on their website or at the store. Thanks in advance!

I actually have a visual of me wearing them just in case...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

[Oct13'2005 03:47PM]

Goth/ Industrial/ Halloween Auctions- FULL OF SPOOOKY UBER-00NTZ.
Come Buy! Come Buy!
Click the picture to see more club clothes, work clothes, costumes, and Edwardian blouses!

Click Me</

Let's Dance! [Oct10'2005 06:34PM]

Hola! For those of you that are in highschool still what are you wearing to your homecoming (since it is that season). And if there is no homecoming what are you wearing to your latest dance? I don't really care where you're going to wear it. I just want to see some pretty clothes!
One of the dresses I'm going to wear (there are many perks to having friends at different schools):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

from Urban Outfitters. Try to ignore how weird it looks on her.

Links, Oh My!! [Oct04'2005 02:00PM]

I'd really love to see this community grow and prosper (and hopefully you agree with me) so I made some new link buttons. Feel free to make some of your own!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hahaha, grow and prosper. *does Klignon salute*

Would / Have You Gone Bald? [Sep01'2005 09:44PM]


TMI Post (You were warned)  More...Collapse )


Oh, Happy Day! [Aug25'2005 10:09PM]


My high school into college look is coming back!

& just in time.  This will probably be the last time in my life I'll be able to pull it off without looking like an old, wrinkly witch!

Harry is very, very afraid -- He despises my "clowning" up my face & nails.

Season of the Painted Lady

Published: August 25, 2005
...The old-style Hollywood glamour queen, all lacquered eyes and perfectly rouged mouth, is making a comeback for fall.
...A highly polished ultrafeminine look featuring full makeup and sleek hair started out on the fall fashion runways, where stylists painted dramatic faces on models to match dark-hued clothes accessorized with fur and crocodile handbags.
..."I think women are tired of the messy unfinished beauty of the last few years," said Bobbi Brown, the makeup artist.  
...The new retro style, which evokes the postwar glamour of the 1950's, is being promoted by cosmetics companies from Chanel to Maybelline. Uma Thurman makes a sultry case for it in Louis Vuitton's fall ad campaign. In these photos in September fashion magazines, Ms. Thurman is the portrait of a lady with a raspberry mouth, lynx eyes, chocolate nails, and peaches and cream skin.
...Past seasons played up one element of the face like the eyes or the mouth, but now makeup artists are encouraging women to highlight all their features at once.
...Eyes are central to this look. Cosmetics companies are introducing makeup for both the classic Hollywood eye, created with a thick application of liquid eyeliner painted along the upper lash line, and the more smoky Pat Benatar style in which eyeliner pencil is smudged along both the upper and lower lashes.

Does This Sound Appealing? [Aug24'2005 10:28PM]


Gap's New Chain Store Aims at the Fashionably Mature Woman

Published: August 24, 2005
...Gap Inc., the nation's largest chain of clothing stores, chose the Palisades Center to introduce a new chain yesterday aimed at that unwieldy and indefinable category known as grown-ups. These are customers who are past any longing for shrunken polo shirts and low-slung denim styles ubiquitous at youth-oriented stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, yet consider themselves too hip for conservative stores like Ann Taylor or Talbots, and too frugal to pursue the elitist designs that make up that minuscule slice of apparel known as high fashion.

The new chain, Forth & Towne - poetically sandwiched at the mall between branches of Forever 21 and Justice: Just for Girls - is aimed at a market that might be called the new forgotten woman. Even though women of the baby boom, now age 41 to 59, accounted for 39 percent of women's apparel purchases last year, shoppers who are much younger, 11 to 30, enjoy nearly five times the retail options, according to industry figures.

...When research showed Gap executives that women over 35 cannot be easily categorized because of their eclectic tastes and lifestyles, the company came up with the idea of stocking its stores with four different brands, one in each corner, that address different customer profiles. 

Career women who might shop at Ann Taylor or Banana Republic will find similar styles at the front of the 8,000-square-foot Forth & Towne, under the label Allegory, including $48 purple and pink merino wool sweaters and structured jackets, skirts and coats. A second label, Vocabulary, is more like Eileen Fisher and Chico's, with forgiving oversized knit sweaters and a chunky knit flecked oatmeal cardigan at $128.

More casual looks hang in the back of the store, under the name Gap Edition, based on the company's sportswear classics, including jeans and $98 cotton rain jackets in purple, pink and khaki. Prize, the trendiest label, includes a pleated black satin skirt with a grosgrain ribbon waistband, $78, several satin flounce skirts, an $88 plum velvet blazer and a range of lace-trimmed transparent tops.

...indication of the degree of skepticism that some members of its target audience hold for the company's approach to mature consumers, a blogger in Chicago noted on April 21, the day Gap disclosed the name of its new chain, that Forth & Towne could be called F.A.T. for short.


Floss [May29'2005 01:52PM]

Hey! For all you guys that want to know what a certain celebrity is where you might want to check out Floss. You can even subscribe to celebrities if you really want to. Of course, they don't have every outfit and you can always ask here.

Hello! [Apr27'2005 07:47PM]

[ mood | happy ]

Boredom+procrastination (homework)=new layout thing and a button
Want to link your favorite fashion community? Now you can, with a mediocre button made by myself.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
isn't that button snazzy!

I also revamped the community's page and now there's primary colours everwhere. So go link us allready! You know this lack of posts is way too boring.

As if I Need a New Purse [Mar26'2005 04:39PM]

[ mood | cranky ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Does any one know where I can get a purse like that? I think the shoes are Louis Vuitton, does any one know?


New Rules [Mar26'2005 04:33PM]

[ mood | mellow ]

Just so every one knows I updated the rules. You probably already know them but just in case look at them.


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