Freaking Out!

Could anyone please tell me of any web-sites that are posting video of the shows this week. I am on the Olympus web-site and NOTHING! I am in a panic! I seriously stocked up on danishes and have nothing to enjoy them with...

Thank you, lovies!


Late is better than never, no?

Gisele's an under-appreciate style inspiration. Not necessarily "icon" status, but I love the way she keeps it simple. Here, she's on her way to a friend's house in a comfy cami & cardi combo, this season's trendy jeans, and the ever-classic canvas chucks. Avs and a leather shoulder bag complete the look. 
The slightly unkempt, rolled-out-of-bed look works great for Gisele. She's a girl after my own heart :)
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Did you guys know that Vogue has recently jumped on the podcasting train? Oh yes. I just found out tonight.

There are currently four episodes. I only have the latest one, so I was wondering, if any of you happen to have the first three, would you mind sending them my way? Thanks a bunch. :o)


This Week in Fashion

Here's the first post of weekly updates on fashion news and sales!

  • Kate Moss was #1 on Vanity Fair's best dressed list, with more votes than any other woman that has appeared on their list in 60 something years.
  • Luca Missoni's (Missoni Sport menswear designer) photo exhibit opened August 2 at the Leonard Street Gallery.
  • The Cartier Polo was attended by a boatload of fashionable guys and gals (no seriously, the clothes were amazing).
  • American Apparel now has a 15% discount on all of it's clothing for students. Of course, it's only available until September 30.
  • Speaking of discounts, you can get Missoni scarves for a fraction of the price at My
  • Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has been canceled after 3 seasons due to over-exposure (atleast that's what the cast is saying).

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So, I've decided to get the ball rolling in this community!
I think that having a weekly theme will be fun! I hope it works. This week's theme is:
Fashion Icons

Who is your fashion icon? Who do you look up to? Who's style do you emulate? That sort of thing. Make a post. HAVE FUN!

We Love Fashion Needs a We

Just so you know the info page was changed a little (the rules haven't changed too dramatically so you don't have to check it) AND I want to get people to actually write in here so I am currently thinking up ideas. Here are a few that I have:

  • A scavenger hunt thing
    A category gets chosen and everyone can find things in that category (ex. the best pair of jeans) and then everyone votes on the best submission
  • A discussion
    A trend gets chosen (it doesn't have to be a trend, it can be something like whether or not actors should become designers) and then people discuss it. There would be a new one chosen each week

Okay, I kind of am crap at getting ideas so comment with your own! Please?

buy stuff!

If this kind of post is not allowed, just let me know and I'll take it down...

My items are now for sale on photobucket! Yay for being broke and selling your clothes to make a profit!

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If you're interested in anything, comment me with the picture of the item(s) to let me know which one(s) you want. I'll comment back to let you know if it's been purchased yet, and then you can pay for it here:

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Despite all my hatred towards copying Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and whatnot I went out and bought a vest at Forever 21. I have to say, I really do love it. It's loads of fun and I can't wait to wear it out.
Anyways, I was just wondering what trends you guys could not stand at first but then broke down and got into?
Here's the vest:

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I was wondering if any one knew a good place to get some real looking, long glass pearls? My friend bought a really nice strand from Urban Outfitters but I haven't been able to find them on their website or at the store. Thanks in advance!

I actually have a visual of me wearing them just in case...

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